Looking For Used Gear? 

Here Is Some Information That May Help

C&M – Kenner Location

2515 Williams Blvd.

Kenner, LA 70062


C&M – Mandeville Location

1723 N. Causeway Blvd.

Mandeville, LA 70471


Whether it’s a good deal you’re looking for on previously owned gear, or you want to get some cash for your used music equipment, C&M Music Center is the place for you.  We also have a trade in trade up program if you are just looking to step your game up a notch!




We have been dealing in Used Gear for many years now, and we get asked a lot of the same questions and are presented with very similar concerns, so here are some answers to some of the more common questions we deal with.

  • We will always give FREE estimates on the value (used wholesale and used retail) but we have to physically inspect the instrument to do so.  Nobody wants to load up your amp, keyboard, or drum set and drive across town for an estimate, but we cannot know an item’s condition or exact value without thoroughly inspecting it first. This ensures that you get an accurate appraisal.

  • One of the biggest obstacles we have to overcome when coming up with a purchase price, is the understanding that the emotional and/or sentimental values in an instrument does not make the instrument worth more money.  We are dealers for many many brands and chances are we are dealers for the brand of instrument you are wanting to sell, so we base the “used wholesale” value off of many factors, including but not limited to:  market value, playing condition, relevancy, brand recognition, cosmetics, and many more factors.   Supply and demand plays a big part in what we are willing to pay for your instrument.

  • Just because an instrument looks brand new, or it’s only a few months old does not mean it is brand new.  In fact, it is used!  We will never sell a “used” instrument as a “new” instrument therefore we will not buy a “used” instrument at a “new” instrument price.  Most warranties are not transferable and the manufactures can trace where the instrument was purchased from originally so there is really no work around on this.

  • We will buy just about anything if it makes sense, so please don’t be shy about calling us or bringing your gear by to see if we are interested.  We will let you know either way and we are always willing to give advice to help you move your gear if we are not interested.

  • We prefer to buy instruments that are ready to hit the stage (as does every customer) so to maximize the value and money we will offer, it is in your best interest to make sure your instrument is clean, smells good, fresh strings, playable, etc.. before bringing it in.  We have repair shops at all locations, so we will deduct any work necessary to get the instrument stage ready at the going shop rate.


Lots of Used Gear comes through! 


We are always buying and trading gear so our inventory changes daily, literally!  So be sure and come by often to check out what we have in stock!  You never know, you may find that Vintage Strat or Les Paul you have been looking for!

Lafayette Location

4543 Johnston St

Lafayette, LA 70503


Hattiesburg Location

2000 West Pine Street

Hattiesburg, MS 39401